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Bebco Industries, Incorporated

America's most recognized name!

Since 1985, Bebco has led America's effort to adopt and sustain
the most safe and practical application of purging technology!

Type X Purge Unit on Label Printer Enclosure

Type Z Purge Unit & Vortex Cooler on
Boiler Control Unit

Type Z Purge Unit & Class I, Div. 2 AC Unit on Operator Station Enclosure

As the company that made enclosure purging and pressurization a viable technology in America, Bebco's dedication and ongoing commitment to make sheet metal enclosures suitable for hazardous areas is unparalleled.

Following 20 years as the leader in this field, we are sustaining our positive influence on purging technology by technical committee membership in the ISA and participation in the IEC's US Technical Advisory Group efforts.

Moreover, we demonstrate this expertise by supplying the world's finest purged and pressurized enclosures, using all viable brands of systems on the market today.

Furthermore, when it comes to environmental control, Bebco is highly qualified to size, integrate and test all cooling and heating products, including vortex tubes and general purpose or explosion-proof enclosure air conditioners and heaters.

To obtain more information or a quotation for a custom enclosure featuring purging system or air conditioning unit accessories, just call us at 1 (800) OK-BEBCO

Go with the "true" leader and choose Bebco as your purging, pressurization and cooling experts!

Type Z Purge Unit on Pump Control Panel Enclosure

Type Z Purge Unit & Vortex Cooler on Reactor Station

Type Z Purge Unit & Class I, Div. 2 AC Unit on Sample Conditioner

Bebco Industries, Incorporated
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